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Twin Brook Recognized as Lender of the Year – Small Markets as Part of the 2022 U.S.A. M&A Atlas Awards

May 5, 2022 | M&A Atlas Awards

Twin Brook was selected as the ‘Lender of the Year – Small Markets’ as part of the 2022 U.S.A. M&A Atlas Awards.  Winners are selected by Global M&A Network, whose methodology is entirely data driven, and there is no fee (and Twin Brook did not pay a fee) to participate in the awards.  The selection of Twin Brook to receive the award referenced above was based in part on a limited universe of submissions by fund managers, including information submitted by Twin Brook, and considered in each category by the Global M&A Network team, and therefore there can be no assurance that, from a different universe of submissions, other firms, funds, and/or deals or different criteria may have been selected as winners.  More information regarding the Global M&A Network criteria is provided here No endorsement of the process or criteria of Global M&A Network is made by Twin Brook.  The U.S.A. M&A Atlas Award referenced above is solely for informational purposes, may not be representative of any one client’s experience with Twin Brook, and is not indicative of, nor should it be construed or relied upon as, any indication of Twin Brook’s future performance.