Managing for Today and Tomorrow

In the direct lending space, portfolio management has come under increased focus, explain Twin Brook’s Drew Guyette, Therese Icuss and Kim Trick

Another Busy Year for Healthcare

In Middle Market Growth Magazine’s latest issue, Twin Brook’s Tim Wentink discusses deal activity in the healthcare space and the importance of experience in this active sector.

Reflecting on the Past, Preparing for the Future

Twin Brook Capital Partners' founder and managing partner Trevor Clark looks back at trends in 2019, discusses the current state of the market and shares his views on the keys to continued growth in 2020.

Driving Growth in the Middle Market

Betsy Booth, Therese Icuss, and Kim Trick discuss their personal career paths, what brought them to Twin Brook, and how their respective roles have contributed to the firm’s growth.

Financial Services: A Hot Sector in an Active Market

With large amounts of dry powder ready to be put to work, PE sponsors continue to hunt for attractive deals, including opportunities in the financial services sector. Twin Brook Capital Partners' Betsy Booth discusses why this industry has garnered so much attention, recent trends, and her experience working with sponsors active in the space.

Past, Present, and Future: Financial Services and the Middle Market

In recent years, financial services has become an increasingly popular sector in the middle market. Twin Brook Capital Partners’ Betsy Booth discusses the growth of this industry, current trends, and expectations for the future.

The Middle Market: Past and Present

Direct lending in the mid-market has changed over the past five years. As Twin Brook Capital Partners approaches a milestone anniversary, founder and managing partner Trevor Clark discusses the state of the industry and how it has evolved since 2014.

A Wealth of Experience

With experienced professional and deep relationships, Twin Brook Capital Partners is more than just a lender.

Evolving with the Sponsor Community

Twin Brook Capital Partner's Chris Martin and Pete Notter discuss what changes they have seen in the sponsor community and how they manage to differentiate themselves among the competition. 

Healthcare's Silver Lining

Twin Brook Capital Partners' Faraaz Kamran, Senior Partner, discusses healthcare

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